Adopt A Hound

When hounds have reached the end of their productive hunting career or if a hound is not suitable for hunting, the Foundation supports an active adoption program.

Recognizing that biddability is bred into hounds, it seems unnecessary to underscore that hounds make good companions. Their natural desire to please, their affinity for their humans, and their sweet and pleasing ways ensure a long an happy next step in their lives.

A Case Study:

Genevieve Snyder recently adopted Belen, one of our hounds and his part in their family has truly blossomed, even going as far as to being a therapy dog at a local memory ward!

Below you can gain a first hand experience from Genevieve & her husband Eric, all about their journey through adoption…

“We adopted Belen as a companion for our older poodle mix, Walter, when he was no longer able to make it up the stairs at night. She was very nervous at first, things like the television and the UPS man were scary, but despite her fears she went from kennel to couch without much direction from us. She took the lead from Walter who ran a tight ship. She has never had an accident or gotten into trouble in the house. She was an excellent nanny to our flock of chickens protecting them from the fox.

When we moved from 7 acres to .5 I feared she wouldn’t adjust. Thats a big change and “hounds need room to run” I thought. Turns out they just need hugs from the little kids on the way home from the bus stop. She took to our new small yard and invisible fence like a duck to water. She loves her walks but happily suns herself in our driveway waiting for somebody to stop by and hug her (and they do!).

When our old dog Walter passed Belen was heartbroken. Worried she would be depressed alone we started taking her everywhere with us. For a hound that was so nervous about everything new she took all the change in stride. She just wants to be with her pack (us). With seven years as a house hound under her belt we can confidently say she is the best dog we have ever had. She is gentle and kind with every creature she has met and people of all ages. She has even done therapy work at a senior living home in Devon. A job perfectly suited to her because all she has to do is stand there and be adored.”